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Build long-lasting memories along three of Nova Scotia’s most distinct shores

Extraordinary. That’s the word that first comes to mind when you journey through Nova Scotia, a maritime province widely recognized for delivering memorable experiences and coastal diversity. Every experience is filled with warm, genuine maritime hospitality, fresh wholesome seafood paired with award-winning wine and invigorating sounds, dripping with Atlantic heritage. Among our travel regions are three distinct and centrally located shores – the Northumberland Shore, the Eastern Shore and the Fundy Shore, where each shore shares its own unique coastal treasures.

Where in the world are the three shores?

Northumberland, Eastern and Fundy are three distinct shores of Nova Scotia that are centrally located and within close proximity to one another. The Three Shores region is located between the regions of Halifax and Cape Breton, and from the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick border in Amherst to the Atlantic coast, and can be easily reached by all modes of transportation including the Trans Canada Highway 104, the Halifax International Airport, and the Northumberland Ferry.